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Practicing open and honest dialogue helps swingers avoid the headaches that come with communication breakdowns. Drama and fighting cease to exist in environments where over-communication is the standard practice. Once you’ve made sure you’re going for the same reason, you need to make rules. “I think what’s happening now is that it’s 2017 and people are coming to the understanding that we are going to live until we are basically 80 years old and what are we going to do with each other? The swingers claim their marriages are stronger because they don't have affairs and they don't lie to each other. "We all go home with our spouses. We're not living a lie," said Lavonne.

Swinging is often confused with open relationships and polyamory. To be fair, they all fall under the umbrella of non-monogamy, but they differ in whether partners are emotionally exclusive, and whether partners play together or separately. Nice swinger party with ...Our ladies clothed up in hot lingerie and showed their co... We run into another friend of ours and ask if he wants to come have an MFM threesome with us tonight. A and I decide to go to the “playroom,” where there are three mini-pools surrounded by large beds; the vibe is amazing.

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Not always, but keep in mind some swinger clubs and groups insist that you come with a partner. They might also allow single women in, but avoid inviting single men. Tinder is a special case because it is both the best of times and the worst of times when it comes to swinging.

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If you think this doesn’t exist, think for a moment about emotional affairs. Unlike the open relationship, a polyamorous relationship allows for multiple relationships at the same time. There are different types of polyamory, though, and a hierarchal version means that there is still one lover that is considered the “primary” partner. To the monogamous world, two people who essentially belong to each other is the only kind of fathomable commitment in existence. Since non-monogamous relationships function without the ideas of possession in play, some feel that this means commitment cannot and does not exist. Perhaps the parties involved agree that the monogamous partner will continue to practice monogamy while the non-monogamous partner is free to practice a form of non- monogamy.

Adult Swingers now, on the other hand, we can make fairly good estimates -- based on information coming from a variety of sources . Mature, educated, discrete, professional couple who enjoys good conversation, live music, and a well made drink. We are looking for the couple next door to hang out with for fun times, such as dinners, drinks and perhaps adult fun. While we are both attractive, intelligent, and discrete professionals; we aren't perfect. These two people are committed to each other, and each other alone. The terms may vary, but typically it means that while the two can pursue physical thrills outside of the relationship, their loyalty lies with their respective partner alone.

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The following are some examples of non-monogamous relationships. People who practice non-monogamy are more than aware of the existence of jealousy, and more than capable of experiencing it themselves. Ashley Madison provides chat, email, travel perks for meeting lovers on the go, and most importantly, anonymity. If you’re a single guy looking for couples, Ashley Madison has the tools you need. While not strictly a swinger dating app, it might just do the trick.

Frequent STI testing is a smart move, even if you use protection. These conversations were easily avoided in our monogamous relationships before opening up our marriages. But, there’s just no avoiding this type of dialogue when you’re involved in the swinging community.


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We’ve curated this list of frequently asked questions about swinging to give you a glimpse into the lifestyle. Reddit has its own official threadthat discusses the pros and cons of popular swinger sites and can also be a place to read about swingers’ personal experiences. It takes time to find the right people to swing with, sometimes, a long time. You’re trusting another person with your partner and the person you love and it’s the same for the other party too. It’s completely okay to take your time to find the right people.

There is no straight answer to this question. The only way to know is to have a deep conversation about it with your partner and decide if it’s right for you to try or not. People who get involved in the lifestyle often feel compersion. There's also an argument to be had for ethical non-monogamy.